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    How to reduce the machining cost of engine by cutting blade Release time:2020-08-12     Time to browse
    It is the main content of tool management to give full play to the advantages of cutting tools and reduce the processing cost of cutting tools. From the perspective of machining and combining with technical management experience, this paper summarizes several ways and

      It is the main content of tool management to give full play to the advantages of cutting tools and reduce the processing cost of cutting tools. From the perspective of machining and combining with technical management experience, this paper summarizes several ways and methods to reduce engine machining cost through rational use of cutting tools. In machining, cutting tool is the most active factor in the machining process system, which is composed of machine tool, tool and workpiece. The use of cutting tool directly affects the production efficiency, the performance of machine tool and the quality of products. How to play the role of the tool effectively, reduce the processing cost, is the main content of tool management. In the production of engine, it is necessary to pay attention to and do a good job in tool selection. In the mass production stage, continuous optimization can be carried out by means of tool material upgrading, tool localization, cutting process optimization and tool secondary utilization. In this paper, the cost reduction methods of engine manufacturing are summarized from two aspects of technology, use and management. Tool selection at the initial stage of the project (reasonable selection of tool material, tool structure and cutting parameters) directly affects the production efficiency, tool life, machining cost, machining precision and machining surface quality, etc. Tool selection from the point of view of project management, the need to integrate the cost input, project time node, production tempo and capacity demand and other factors; From the technical point of view, the selection of cutting tools is based on the material and geometric characteristics of the object to be processed, processing equipment and processing precision and other conditions. Tool selection is a high technical content of the work, the need for the type of personnel in the field of mechanical processing with strong theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, need to understand the process, understand the material, understand the equipment and understand the programming, but also must be familiar with the domestic and international tool market and its latest development status. Tool material upgrade cutting is developing towards high speed cutting, which not only improves the cutting efficiency, but also greatly reduces the cutting tool cost. The development and application of superhard materials such as ceramics, diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) are becoming more and more extensive in the field of engine manufacturing. The aluminum alloy workpiece USES polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool, while the cast iron workpiece USES ceramic and CBN tool, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the tool cost. Coated tools with high surface hardness, good wear resistance, chemical stability, heat and oxidation resistance, friction factor and low thermal conductivity characteristics, cutting than uncoated tools to improve the tool life 3 ~ 5 times more than 20% ~ 70% cutting speed, improve the machining accuracy 0.5 ~ 1 level, reduce the cost of 20% ~ 50% of the tool consumption. Localization of cutting tools in recent years, the domestic tool industry has achieved rapid development, the technological level of products has been significantly improved, in the cost, delivery time and after-sales service advantages are obvious. Especially in ultra-hard cutting tools, such as abrasive, PCD and CBN blade, and foreign tool manufacturers have formed a powerful competitive situation. Compared with imported cutting tools, the biggest advantage of domestic cutting tools is close to production, economic and practical. The cutting edge part localization, generally can reduce the cutting tool unit price processing cost more than 20%; The cutting tool body and cutting tool parts are domestic, usually the purchase price can be reduced by more than one time; The delivery time of domestic cutting tools is generally around 15 days, or even shorter, the delivery form is flexible, while imported cutting tools often need 2 ~ 3 months, or even longer. In recent years, some domestic tool enterprise innovation transformation effect is obvious, the development is better, has replaced some imported tools in a wide range, although the ability to design and develop new products and foreign famous brand tool manufacturers still exist a certain gap, but the gap is gradually narrowing. It is also an effective way to reduce machining cost to find emphasis and balance among machining quality, machining efficiency and machining cost. This is usually achieved by optimizing the cutting parameters, cutting paths, and changing the tool geometry if necessary. In increase in cutting optimization has a lot of methods and techniques, such as on the cutting parameter optimization, the conventional way of milling is used in the whole process of cutting the constant cutting speed and feed, but there is a certain cutting efficiency of the waste, according to the change of cutting force of cutting load or adjust the rotation speed and feed, in order to complete the optimization of cutting parameters, the cutting path processing. In rough machining, variable speed cutting can effectively reduce the load of the machine tool and improve the cutting efficiency. In finishing machining, variable speed cutting can optimize the cutting quality and improve the cutting efficiency. Besides theoretical prediction and tool testing, cutting simulation analysis is also very convenient. The cutting simulation can simulate the performance, stress, heat flow, temperature, chip formation, chip fracture and residual stress of the material during machining. Based on the process analysis module of the entire cutting process, the cutting force, temperature and power can be obtained in the process, so as to optimize the cutting force and temperature, feed and cutting speed, and THE CNC program. Simulation analysis Through the establishment of models, the cutting process in the computer micro and macro machining analysis, these processes need to be realized with the help of specific functional software, such as Mastercam software can be NUMERICAL control programming, tool path simulation analysis, AdvantEdge tool simulation software can be processed finite element analysis. Simulation analysis can reduce the cost input of cutting test and guide the tool optimization effectively. Tool secondary use in batch production of processing line, some use once on the basic scrap tools, you can find ways to secondary use. If the finishing blade is used, it can be used for semi-finishing or rough machining. Some right-handed cutting tools can not be used due to the structure of the part of the cutting edge, can be used by making a left-handed knife disk; In addition, drill bits, taps and blades can be used again by grinding. Tool management in addition to technical improvement, progress also cannot be ignored, the cutting tool management involves the selection of cutting tool, test, purchasing, adjustment, grinding, repairing, inventory Settings and control, the service life of cutter control, track and analyze and solve processing problems in the production of optimize and improve, cutting tool, etc., consists of enterprise management, quality management, logistics management, cutting tool technology, information and database collection, financial and cost control as well as aspects of human resource management work, process complex, therefore need to establish a perfect tool management system, to ensure that the process is stable and controllable, work efficient. Conclusion It is the main work of tool management to give full play to tool advantage and reduce tool processing cost. From the point of view of engine machining and combining with technical management experience, this paper summarizes some methods of reducing machining cost through reasonable use of cutting tools. The choice of method, need to start from the specific situation, but also need tool technicians familiar with the processing knowledge, timely grasp the cutting development trend.

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