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              Welcome to Maanshan Zhongli Tool Manufacturing Co. LTD!


              • Select security

                The integrity of the company for the down-to-earth production of qualified products。

              • Price advantage

                Factory direct sales, procedures controlled by the factory to reduce middlemen without price difference.

              • Without the custom

                According to the needs of users to customize tools, to achieve pattern customization。

              • Quality guarantee

                From the selection of raw materials to the factory, we have special tracking supervision, to ensure the quality of products

              zhongli Four big advantage · Our strength

              Good products and good service cooperation more assured


              01 Factory strength

              The factory and office area is about 6000 square meters, the number of employees reaches 100, and more than 50 sets of equipment imported from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and other places Zhongli has a large number of stable inventory, can meet the wholesale needs of customers


              02 R & D strength

              Zhongli has a mature r & D and design team of dozens of people, with 8 years of rich production and sales experience Tool design update fast, keep launching 1 or 2 new products every month, lead the new trend of the market


              03 Custom power

              The company took the lead in introducing top production equipment and technology, and passed iso9001:2000 international quality management system certification  Carry out the management of "standardization of management, standardization of work procedures and standardization of operation". 


              04 After sales strength

              Dedicated customer service is available 24 hours a day, answering customers' questions all the time, and providing considerate services in the first time Establish customer documents with customers in cooperation with Zhongli, regularly visit the use of products, and Zhongli serves every customer well

              brand · powerSize and strength Zhongli will build blades of Chinese brands

              • 強生產Strong production
              • 鉆研發Delve into hair
              • 重品質Heavy quality
              • 精服務Fine service

              Zhongli Advisory Hotline 0555-6762102

                Maanshan Zhongli Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the outskirts of Nanjing and the eastern outskirts of Ma'anshan City. From the Nanjing Lukou International Airport only thirty kilometers, three four four provincial highway along the company and the traffic, transportation is very convenient. The following are the same as the ".Our company is specialized in the production of paper products, wood processing, metal cutting, food packaging, CNC bending machine mold......


              Address: Bowang Silian Industrial Park, Maanshan City

              Telephone: 0555-6762102

              Contact: Cheng Kequan cheng Kezhen 13951078648 13965382116

              Fax: 0555-6769011

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